The Top 10 Coffee TikTok Accounts You Need To Follow Now

May 18, 2021Jennifer Lewis
top TikTok coffee accounts

Screengrab of a TikTok post by melaquinosf.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably at least heard of TikTok, the latest social media platform that has taken the world by storm. Like the once-popular app Vine, TikTok is used to create quick, intriguing video content lasting no longer than one minute. Video uploads cover various topics, including cooking, workout tips, short-form comedy routines, and more.

Education is one of the more popular genres on the app. Followers can get career advice, watch how-to guides, and obtain insight into various industries. Like the creators of many bingeworthy cooking and recipe-based accounts, coffee connoisseurs are acquiring a steady fan base as they showcase tricks of the trade, essential coffee recipes, and coffee accessories every kitchen should be equipped with.

To help you get the most of your TikTok experience, here are our top 10 favorite coffee accounts to follow.


#coffeefail ??

♬ who in the h3ll put the muffins in the freeza – magda turowska


With her extravagant list of decadent coffee beverages, Vivian of coffeebae97 creates some of the most delicious and stunning concoctions you’ve ever seen. It’s easy to lose track of time while scrolling through her impressive archive of videos. Whether you’re looking for inspiration for a new coffee cocktail or simply enjoying her soothing accompaniment music, Vivian’s account has something for everyone.


Speaking of gentle and hypnotic vibes, therookiebarista is another great account to keep tabs on. Whether it’s her use of fine china or you have a desperate urge to get back to Paris, every video somehow perfectly encompasses a bit of French elegance, permeated with pink berets, beautifully crafted pastries, and white lace linens.


We fellow baristas out in the world can definitely enjoy the hilarious antics of barista Morgan Eckroth, who takes us into her world; you know, the one on the other side of the counter. Not only does she create some delicious beverages, but she also perfectly encapsulates what it feels like to work in a coffee shop. From her managing difficult orders to dealing with unruly customers, Eckroth’s comical point of view is enjoyable even for those who have never stepped foot in a café.


? Spiderman Spiderman ? #spiderman #marvel #marvelstudios #lattesrt #lattesketch #fyp #foryourpage

♬ Spiderman – Super Heros Invasion


For those of you who love adorable latte art, Mel Aquino is just the creator you need to check out. From our favorite old cartoons to animals, silhouettes, and more, each example of her carefully crafted latte art is a masterpiece.


Say what you’d like about Starbucks, but the institution has become a staple in American culture, and for those who can’t resist a Frappuccino every once in a while, be sure to check out 1cupofcoffee before you place your order. Tye, a seasoned Starbucks barista, shows us how she creates the popular recipes, even showcasing some beverages on the “secret menu.”


James Hoffmann is an author, coffee consultant, and professional, world-class barista. Surely, his account must make the cut as one of the top coffee accounts on TikTok. From coffee cupping, to product reviews, to hacks for getting the most out of your homebrew, Hoffmann’s content demonstrates how anyone can successfully experiment with coffee. Plus, do you know of anyone else who can turn a donut into a delicious (maybe) cup of joe?


Reply to @armandobreceda I tried it ? #coffee #specialtycoffee #pourover #pourovercoffee

♬ Strawberry – Prod by Rose


For those who are new to the coffee world and aren’t as knowledgeable about the different types of beans or how to properly brew coffee, Tanner Colson’s account is a great starting point. He shares important brewing tips, reveals his famous pour over recipe, and does an excellent job explaining certain aspects of the coffee industry to a beginner crowd.


Willow James pairs two favorite beverages: coffee and alcohol. Plus, he does so while sharing inspirational commentary, adding a splash of positivity to each of his videos. He even bravely combined a cold brew with Coca-Cola and soy milk, which you may cringe at until you try it out of sheer curiosity — let’s just say, the man is pretty much a genius.


Espresso con panna #whippedcreamchallenge #whippedcoffeechallenge #whippedcream #RefundGlowUp #viral #SipIntoSummer

♬ 4 square – Coldbrew


If you’re ever in legal trouble, not only can espressobarred offer counsel, but she can also introduce you to some of the most creative coffee recipes on the market. Erica is a busy lawyer, so of course, she needs her daily caffeine boost to stay alert and motivated. She uses a wide variety of appetizing ingredients, and she often showcases her adorable dog, Taco, bonus content for the dog lovers of the coffee world.


If you’re supporting your coffee habit on a budget, look no further than thethriftwitch, who offers compelling coffee content using antiques and affordable accessories. Marissa Gabriel’s videos are deeply rooted in nature and jampacked with rustic vibes. Plus, this time, we have something for the cat lovers of the coffee world, as Gabriel often features her very own feline beauty.

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Jennifer Lewis
Jennifer Lewis
Jennifer Lewis is a contributing editor for Coffee or Die. A native of New York, Jennifer is a media relations manager in the music industry and a freelance writer who specializes in true crime, entertainment, and culture. She’s traveled throughout the world not only to find her own story, but to also hear the stories of those longing to tell them. She currently lives in Brooklyn, New York, with her cat, Avery.
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