Editorial Standards

Coffee or Die is a lifestyle brand and multimedia platform focusing on all things related to the military and veterans. It is our mission to tell stories about and for our military and veteran communities.  

Editorial Freedom

Coffee or Die puts our audience first and strives to achieve the highest content quality possible. Our editorial decisions are not governed by any advertiser or affiliate relationships nor anyone outside of the Black Rifle Coffee ecosystem. 

All content on COD is controlled by our editors, contributors, videographers, photographers, social media managers, and other content creators. Period. 

We strive to adhere to the Society of Professional Journalists' Code of Ethics, the AP Stylebook, and our internal Style Guide at all times.


If one of our writers attends a junket or a media trip on another company’s dime, we will be transparent about it in our coverage, and that coverage will not be swayed by the fact that company X picked up the cost. At the same time, our editors and contributors have no financial stake in said coverage.

When we test products, they are the property of our company, not the individual reviewers, and will be returned to the manufacturer or donated when returns are not possible. 

If Coffee or Die earns any financial commission through links in our product reviews, it will be prominently disclosed at the top of the post and adhere to our Affiliate Disclosure policy. Additionally, we will clearly and prominently label any branded or sponsored content to differentiate it from pure editorial content. 

Accuracy and Accountability 

Coffee or Die strives to present the most accurate features, reviews, and news coverage possible. All content is subject to our in-house editorial process, which includes review and approval by at least one editor — often more than one — who holds the responsibility of ensuring each piece of content is accurate and of top quality. Additionally, independent fact-checkers are often used to verify information and statements in our content.

Whenever a quote is published, it will be attributed to its source whether it be an individual through a direct exchange or a republished quote from another source. Whenever possible, we will also link to the original source, which is vetted by our staff as being reputable and trustworthy. 

Unnamed Sources Policy 

According to the Coffee or Die style guide, “Sources will be allowed to use pseudonyms or go unnamed on a case-by-case basis. This will be the exception, not the rule. The editor must approve.”


Mistakes happen, and we aim to address them quickly. Readers can alert Coffee or Die to any errors in news articles by emailing [email protected].

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