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Prosecutors: Smuggler Threatened To Murder Federal Agent

Jesus Alberto Ibarra-Barraza has been indicted for vowing to murder a federal agent the day after he was detained for allegedly smuggling Guatemalans into the US near Arivaca, Arizona.

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Feds: Catamaran Skipper Shoots at Coast Guard Crew Rescuing Him

The FBI and the Coast Guard Investigative Service arrested the catamaran skipper in the Gulf of Mexico.

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B-52 Flyover Honors Beloved Veteran, Slain Colorado Cop

Colorado cop and Air Force veteran Dillon Vakoff died after responding to a domestic disturbance.

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Ex-Officer Convicted for Immigration Sham Marriage Scam

A law enforcement database query tipped off officials about her sham marriage.

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3 Confess To Assaulting Federal Cop on Crow Indian Reservation

What caused an attack on an officer on the Crow Indian Reservation?

How Two Lawmen Used a Drone to Reunite a Dispatcher With Her Dog Farrah

A golden retriever bounds into the Colorado brush. Can rescuers find Farrah before the coyotes do?

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Ohio Man Who Kept Impersonating Cops Going to Prison

David Scott Scofield will spend 18 months inside a federal penitentiary.

New York State Police Trooper Credits Marine Corps Training for Rescue

New York State Police Trooper Francis “Frank” Rush is a gunnery sergeant in the Marine Corps, too.

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High Pine Rescues: Saving Lives in the Santa Catalina Mountains

The Southern Arizona Rescue Association volunteers are saving lives in the forbidding landscape.

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