How to Pitch Coffee or Die: We’re Always Looking for Freelancers

Coffee or Die publishes original content for and about the military and veteran communities. We aim to inform and entertain our audience with a combination of behind-the-scenes military training, embeds, enterprise journalism, informational articles, and dick and fart jokes (it’s all about balance). We are always looking for new writers who can offer a fresh perspective and an original voice.

Types of Coverage

We post a variety of article types, from listicles to features to news. When you submit a pitch, describe why your story would be right for Coffee or Die, why you are the right person to write about the topic, who/what your sources will be, and how you will report on it. Also, let us know if your story idea has a timely element or news peg.

If your topic is something anyone familiar with our space will know has been done a dozen times before, be sure to present a fresh and unique angle. 

Lastly, please indicate where the story would fit in COD’s verticals: Military, Intelligence, or Culture (entertainment, humor, coffee, op-ed, essay).

If a pitch is accepted, you will be required to complete and submit contributor paperwork for administrative and payment processing. We will also request a headshot and author bio that will appear with your stories on

News Tips

We don’t publish or accept pitches for daily breaking news stories, but if you have an exclusive source or scoop that will make the story standout from the pack, we’d love to hear it. 


The baseline rate for freelance writers is $350 per article. Featured articles that require travel or intensive research can pay more on a case-by-case basis. Likewise, short blurbs in gift guides may pay as little as $50 per entry. 

What to send with your pitch:

  • A brief resume/bio
  • Samples of published work (or links to it)
  • Links to any relevant social media accounts

Where to send: [email protected]

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