HyperChiller Gives Iced-Coffee Enthusiasts a Cool Way To Enjoy Their Favorite Brews

September 15, 2021Kelly Getzelman

Photo courtesy of Maxi-Matic, USA.

When it comes to quick and convenient methods for enjoying an iced coffee at home without having to adjust your favorite brewing profile, few devices work as efficiently and effectively as the patented HyperChiller.

Simply pour your freshly brewed hot coffee inside, and the HyperChiller rapidly cools it down by some 130 degrees Fahrenheit in 60 seconds. The coffee inside the HyperChiller is exposed to two layers of ice-cold stainless steel with a surface area equivalent to more than 30 large ice cubes. Separate chambers inside the device create a frozen barrier, preventing your coffee from being diluted in the process.

We paired the HyperChiller with Black Rifle Coffee Company’s September 2021 Exclusive Coffee Subscription: Pink 79. Photo by Kelly Getzelman/Coffee or Die Magazine.

The HyperChiller, made from food-grade stainless steel and BPA-free polypropylene plastic, has three nested chambers.

For setup, fill the smaller stainless-steel cup up to the indicator line with water, then twist it onto the lid. Next, fill the larger stainless-steel cup with water and pour that water into the black plastic HyperChiller vessel. Put the top and attached small cup into the now-empty large cup and twist them together. Then, the entire two-cup unit lowers into the black plastic base, and it all fits right together.

Then, place the device in the freezer to allow the water chambers to freeze completely. The company recommends keeping the device in the freezer for approximately six to 12 hours for optimal results.

It’s important to note that the HyperChiller is not a stand-alone brewing system. Rather, it is a convenient method to rapidly cool down any hot beverage.

We left our device in the freezer overnight to ensure it was completely ready to go for our first brew session of the morning. For most of our HyperChiller tests, we used the Chemex pour over method to brew our coffee.

For our first batch, we used September’s Black Rifle Coffee Company Pink 79 roast. This light Ethiopian Wush Wush roast features flavor notes of papaya, lime, and maple syrup.

The HyperChiller’s simple but effective design features two stainless-steel chambers, a plastic housing, and a screw-on cover. Photo by Kelly Getzelman/Coffee or Die Magazine.

Once our brew session was complete, we poured our 207-degree coffee into the HyperChiller vessel through the top of the lid. The deep cover made it easy to pour the coffee in, and according to the company, it features vents that regulate pressure inside the ice chambers.

The device can hold 12.5 ounces of coffee, which is the equivalent of one large cup. We also decided to sample the roast as a hot beverage in the same brewing cycle to see whether the flavor profile was affected by the rapid temperature decrease.

Our favorite iced coffee recipe used the HyperChiller with Black Rifle Coffee Company’s AK Espresso roast. Photo by Kelly Getzelman/Coffee or Die Magazine.

After we poured the coffee into the HyperChiller, we left it inside for approximately 90 seconds, giving the device a quick swirl about every 20 seconds.

We then poured the Pink 79 roast directly into our mason jar with no ice to see just how cool the liquid had become. Much to our surprise, the coffee was as cold as if we had just finished a 24-hour cold-brew session. The HyperChiller’s rapid cooling seemed to have minimal to no adverse effects on the coffee’s flavor profile.

We spent a full two weeks with our device, experimenting with several different brewing methods. We even brewed directly into the device by placing the Hario V60 dripper on top.

Photo by Kelly Getzelman/Coffee or Die Magazine.

But our favorite recipe was when we paired this device with BRCC’s AK-47 Espresso blend, our trusty Chemex, three to four ice cubes in a mason jar, and a tablespoon of milk. The result was an iced dark-chocolate flavor bomb that was hard to beat.

We also discovered that we could use the HyperChiller for two consecutive brewing cycles before the vessel needed to be put back in the freezer. As far as cleanup, after each session, you can reuse the water sealed in the HyperChiller. We just rinsed the main chamber with water to remove any leftover coffee, gave it a quick wipe down, and put it right back in the freezer for our next brewing session.

Overall, we were highly impressed with the effectiveness of the HyperChiller and feel it will make an excellent addition to our cold-beverage brewing kit.

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Kelly Getzelman
Kelly Getzelman

Kelly Getzelman is a former staff writer for Coffee or Die Magazine. A retired Navy SEAL chief petty officer, Getzelman has nearly two decades of special operations experience and is always ready to ship out on his next epic coffee adventure.

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