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Dispatch From Syria: Democratic Forces Prepare for Turkish Invasion

MANBIJ, Syria — Soldiers with the Syrian Democratic Forces spilled out of a house on the edge of an ...

July 8, 2022Michael R. Shea
On the Brink: Which Governments Are Facing Collapse Around the World?

Yemen is home to the largest humanitarian crisis in the world. The country has been plagued by civil...

June 21, 2022Dustin Jones
China new aircraft carrier Fujian
China Just Named Its New, Nimitz-Sized Aircraft Carrier, and It’s Not Subtle

The newest and largest aircraft carrier launched by China — and the first to rival American carriers...

June 17, 2022Matt White
afghan terrorism exemptions
Afghan Immigrants Granted New Terrorism-Related Exemptions by US Government

Afghan nationals who have fled their homeland since the Taliban took control may soon have an easier...

June 15, 2022Hannah Ray Lambert
defense contractor
San Diego Defense Contractor Confesses to Exposing Weapons Secrets to China

An ex-San Diego defense contractor who confessed to exposing secrets about US weapons to China and I...

June 10, 2022Carl Prine
Federal Jury Convicts Former Hezbollah ‘Sleeper Cell’ Operative

A federal jury has convicted a former Hezbollah terrorist operative who authorities say scouted pote...

May 12, 2022Carl Prine
Coffee Or Die Photo
Hell at Abbey Gate: Chaos, Confusion and Death in the Final Days of the War in Afghanistan

This story was originally published by ProPublica with partner Alive in Afghanistan on April 2, 2022. On the afternoon of Aug.

April 5, 2022Coffee or Die
Afghan children
These Children Fled Afghanistan Without Their Families, Now They’re Struggling in US Custody

This story was originally published by ProPublica. Seven months after the fall of Kabul, shelters in the U.

March 28, 2022Coffee or Die
russian operative social influencer
Feds: Putin’s Willing Spy and Secret Social Influencer in US Fled to Russia

A New York woman who served as Russian strongman Vladimir Putin’s willing spy and social influencer ...

March 10, 2022Carl Prine
Chinese J-16 fighter jet
Chinese Aircraft Probe Taiwan While the World Watches Ukraine

While the world focused on the Russian incursion into Ukraine, China sent military aircraft to probe...

February 25, 2022Dustin Jones
Is the Navy Really in a ‘Race’ With China To Recover Its F-35? Not Likely

An F-35 Lightning II suffered a landing mishap and tumbled off the deck of the USS Carl Vinson Monday, Jan. 24, in the South China Sea.

January 28, 2022Dustin Jones
afghan air force collapse
Pentagon Was Warned That Afghan Air Force Would Collapse

The Pentagon was warned last January — months before the US began its withdrawal from Afghanistan — ...

January 18, 2022Dustin Jones
China pivot
America’s Pivot to China Leaves a Power Vacuum in Its Wake

Washington is making tough choices these days, sometimes leaving allies and partners in the lurch as...

January 6, 2022Nolan Peterson
china nuclear warheads estimate
China Could Have 1,000 Nuclear Warheads by 2030, Pentagon Says

The Pentagon thinks China could have 700 deliverable nuclear warheads by 2027 and at least 1,000 by ...

November 5, 2021Dustin Jones
Coffee Or Die Photo
Marines, Special Ops Troops Secretly Deploying to Taiwan Amid China Tensions, Report Says

This article was originally published on on Oct.

October 8, 2021Coffee or Die
Coffee Or Die Photo
First Visit to Asia by Top Biden Officials Sends Strong Message To China

Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin met with Japanese Prime Mini...

March 17, 2021James R. Webb
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