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Blown to Bits! Chinese Spy Balloon Blasted, Plummets Into Sea

The US Air Force downed the Chinese balloon that's been soaring over the US.

February 4, 2023Carl Prine
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Shot Down in 1944, ‘Yankee Doodle Dandy’ B-17 Pilot Flies Home

On Thursday, Jan. 12, the Defense POW/MIA Account Agency announced that the remains of US Army Air Force 1st Lt. Carl D. Nesbitt will be buried May 15 in Annville, Pennsylvania.

January 13, 2023Carl Prine
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Alaska Air National Guard Delivers Christmas Eve Rescue of Pregnant Woman

January 5, 2023Matt White
Mackay Trophy AC-130J gunship crews
Pair of Gunship Crews Over Kabul Awarded 2021 ‘Most Meritorious Flight’

Two AC-130J gunship crews — Shadow 77 and 78 —from the Kabul airlift were presented in early December with the Mackay Trophy for the “most meritorious flight” of 2021.

December 28, 2022Jenna Biter
South Korea US, space unit in south korea
US Military Creates Space Unit in South Korea To Watch North Korea

The activation of the U.S. Space Forces Korea at Osan Air Base near Seoul came after North Korea tes...

December 15, 2022Associated Press
C-130 Interior Raider Five Zero crash
Raider Five Zero on Fire: An Impossible Story of Survival 2 Miles High

When a midair collision crippled their KC-130J, call sign Raider Five Zero, two Marine pilots fought to bring it safely to earth.

November 24, 2022Matt White
T-38 crash
T-38 Makes ‘Belly Landing’ in Mississippi, 2nd Mishap in 2 Weeks for Supersonic Trainer

The pilot of the supersonic jet performed a “belly landing" after the plane’s landing gear failed to properly extend.

November 22, 2022Matt White
BEAST week Air Force basic training
No More ‘BEAST Week’ as Air Force Reworks Boot Camp Field Training for New Recruits

Its events formed the final test of basic training for two decades. Now the Air Force will retire the BEAST for a revamped PACER FORGE.

November 17, 2022Matt White
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Air Force Pilot Ejects From T-38 When Jet Becomes ‘Inoperable and Unrecoverable’

After an Air Force pilot parachuted clear of his crashing T-38C, local residents in rural Mississippi found the pilot and helped him reach arriving responders.

November 8, 2022Matt White
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Reach 871: Crew of Legendary Flight That Lifted More Than 800 Out of Kabul Receive Distinguished Flying Crosses

The record-shattering evacuation flight launched the Kabul airlift. The medals are the first of more...

November 4, 2022Matt White
Distinguished Flying Cross
Air Force To Award 96 Distinguished Flying Crosses, 12 Bronze Stars for Kabul Airlift

The Air Force will award 96 flyers the Distinguished Flying Cross — the highest military award for flight — along with 12 Bronze Stars to troops involved in the Kabul airlift in August 2021.

October 22, 2022Matt White
scuba combat dive
Pararescue, Combat Controllers Approved for New, Air Force-Only Combat Diver Badge

Air Force special operators will get their own badge for graduating from a combat dive scuba school. Pararescuemen and combat controllers have worn Army and Navy badges for years.

October 21, 2022Matt White
beard air force
Beards in Blue? Air Force Uniform Board Will Consider New Facial Hair Rules in November

Though religious and medical waivers allow them now, beards in the Air Force could become far more common after a uniform board considers facial hair in November.

October 19, 2022Jenna Biter
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Two Older C-130Hs Returned to Service as Air Force Inspects Propellers for Cracks

Two C-130Hs have been returned to flying status after the Air Force grounded over 100 of the older aircraft following the discovery of cracks in some propellers.

October 15, 2022Matt White
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Feds Say 13 Kids Were Abused at Robins AFB Day Care

Federal authorities said 13 children were abused at the Robins Air Force Base day care. One woman was arrested and released; two more are being sought.

October 14, 2022Maggie BenZvi
Day Care Workers on Air Force Base Made Children Fight Each Other, Sprayed Kids With Cleaning Fluid, Feds Say

A 30-count federal indictment paints a child care facility on Robins Air Force Base, Georgia, as a house of horrors for children left there.

October 14, 2022Matt White
Coffee Or Die Photo
Air Force Grounds More Than 100 Older-Model C-130s for Faulty Propellers

About one in five C-130s in the Air Force is out of service as older C-130Hs, which were first introduced in the 1970s, are grounded to have their propellers inspected.

October 3, 2022Matt White
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The Air Force Osprey Stranded in a Field in Norway for Over a Month Is Finally Free

The Norwegian military recovered a US Air Force CV-22 Osprey, which had been stranded on a remote island nature reserve since early August, on Tuesday, Sept. 27, with a crane boat.

September 30, 2022Jenna Biter
Hurricane Hunter
‘The Worst Flight Ever’: Inside an Unforgettable Mission Into Hurricane Ian

It’d take four straight rides on the roller coaster Kingda Ka to replicate the dives, climbs, and G-forces an Air Force Reserve crew absorbed in just three minutes.

September 29, 2022Matt White
As Hurricane Ian Nears MacDill AFB, Some Airmen Pay for Their Own Evacuation

Airmen assigned to the MacDill Air Force Base are allowed to evacuate as Hurricane Ian approaches, but some may have to pay for their own evacuation.

September 28, 2022Joshua Skovlund
paratrooper Sgt. Nicholas Bobo
Paratrooper Shot Outside His Apartment Just Off Fort Bragg

A paratrooper was gunned down outside of his apartment just off of Fort Bragg on Sept. 12, police say.

September 19, 2022Jenna Biter
Rockets and Space Planes Could One Day Deliver Special Ops to Battlefields
Rockets and Space Planes Could Deliver Troops to Battlefields in Hours

Could a sci-fi vision of deployments become a reality in mere decades, with space rockets used to send troops around the globe?

September 19, 2022Jenna Biter
Coffee Or Die Photo
‘My Pleasure‘ at a Nuke Base: 300 Chick-Fil-A Sandwiches Land at Malmstrom for Junior Troops

Officials at Malmstrom Air Force Base, a hub for nuclear missiles in central Montana, chartered a plane to fly in 300 Chick-Fil-A chicken sandwiches as a treat for on-base junior enlisted troops.

September 1, 2022Jenna Biter
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Army Grounds Entire Chinook Fleet, Citing Engine Fires

The Army grounded its entire fleet of CH-47 Chinooks — about 400 aircraft in all — citing a design flaw that created a potential for engine fires.

August 31, 2022Matt White
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The Gunships That Didn’t Shoot: 30 Hours Inside Two AC-130Js Over Kabul

As Kabul collapsed in chaos, two AC-130J Ghostrider gunships flew for 30 hours over US diplomats and military forces.

August 31, 2022Jenna Biter
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AC-130 Gunships, Apaches, Artillery Hit Iran-Backed Militants in Syria Following Attacks

US forces used AC-130 gunships, AH-64 attack helicopters, and 150mm M777 artillery cannons to attack Iranian-backed militias in Syria after a series of escalating attacks against US outposts there.

August 26, 2022Jenna Biter
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Air Force PJs Just Go for It on Jump Exits During Malaysian Search and Rescue Exercise

As part of Pacific Angel 2022, the operators teamed up for bilateral training on a mass-casualty exe...

August 25, 2022Matt White
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Air Force Case Against Alleged Syria Saboteur Hinges on ‘Circumstantial Evidence’

The government prosecution presented a case against Tech. Sgt. David Dezwaan Jr. that, if it goes to trial, hinges on a provisional timeline, faulty camera footage, and no physical evidence.

August 24, 2022Lauren Coontz
Coffee Or Die Photo
Woman Finds Hidden Camera in Bedroom of Home Owned by Space Force Officer

A major in the Space Force owns a rental town home in Colorado Springs, Colorado, where a woman found a hidden camera in the bedroom.

August 23, 2022Noelle Wiehe
212th Rescue Squadron pararescue
3 Missions, 2 Days, 5 Lives Saved for Alaska Air Guard Rescue Crews

Alaska Air National Guard rescue teams pulled off three missions in the span of two days to cap a busy summer.

August 23, 2022Matt White
Operation Half Life
Air Force EOD Tech Accused of Syria Insider Attack Faces Court Appearance

David Dezwaan Jr. is accused of stealing documents, setting explosives, and injuring other service members at Mission Support Site Green Village, Syria, in April 2022.

August 22, 2022Lauren Coontz
Coffee Or Die Photo
Marines Will Keep Flying MV-22s as Air Force Grounds Its Osprey Fleet

The Marine Corps will not ground its fleet of MV-22 Osprey tilt-rotor transports or otherwise alter their operations, the service said in a statement Thursday, August 18.

August 18, 2022Matt White
Coffee Or Die Photo
Air Force Grounds Entire Special Ops Osprey Fleet Over Mechanical Issue

The Air Force grounded its fleet of CV-22 Ospreys, the service's primary aircraft for inserting and recovering special operations forces, after two troubling mechanical failures in six weeks.

August 17, 2022Matt White
Coffee Or Die Photo
Air Force NCO Group Finds Bundles of Cocaine on Biloxi Beach

Members of the Biloxi chapter of the Air Force Sergeants Association found eight bricks of cocaine, ...

August 16, 2022Noelle Wiehe
Russian spy satellite USA 326 intercept
A Russian ‘Inspector’ Satellite Is Chasing an American Spy Satellite Across the Sky

A Russian satellite is stalking a secret US spy satellite and may have passed suspiciously close to the classified American ship Thursday, Aug. 4.

August 5, 2022Jenna Biter
tamar rescue
Near Death in the Middle of the Atlantic: Pararescuemen Awarded Medals for High-Stakes Tamar Rescue

The HC-130 King flew low over the Atlantic Ocean under a ceiling of dense clouds. Open water stretched for hundreds of miles, and the sun was sinking over the horizon.

July 6, 2022Hannah Ray Lambert
Afghan pilot
Afghanistan’s First Female Pilot Is Now Fighting To Fly for the US Military

When she was a child living in Kabul under the Taliban regime, Niloofar Rahmani would spend hours ga...

June 30, 2022Mac Caltrider
HMMWV Accident Kills Air Force ROTC Cadet, Injures 2 Others

A 19-year-old Air Force ROTC cadet died in a HMMWV accident during training Friday, June 24, in Idah...

June 28, 2022Hannah Ray Lambert
First Female Combat Controller Graduates Grueling Three-Year Training Pipeline

For the first time, a woman has graduated from an Air Force Special Warfare pipeline, qualifying as ...

June 25, 2022Matt White
Fighter pilot
WATCH: Fighter Pilot Recounts Surviving Ejection at Mach 1.2

Floating in icy 5-foot swells, Air Force Capt. Brian Udell realized that he was probably going to die.

June 22, 2022Mac Caltrider
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