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USS North Carolina
Profile of a Ship: USS North Carolina

During World War II, the USS North Carolina fought in every major engagement of the Pacific Theater. It became the most-decorated battleship of the entire war.

navy suicides, uss george washington
Navy Probe Prompted By Suicides Condemns Conditions: 'We Let Our People Down'

A Navy investigation prompted by a spate of suicides is recommending widespread improvements in hous...

uss cooperstown
Navy Commissions USS Cooperstown; Honors War Veteran Players

The U.S. Navy on Saturday commissioned the USS Cooperstown in honor of 70 Major League Baseball Hall of Fame players who served in the military during wartime.

navy commander seal death
Navy Commander Pulled From Job After SEAL Candidate Death

The commander of the Naval Special Warfare Center who was reprimanded in connection with the death l...

navy drone strait of hormuz
US Navy Sails First Drone Through Mideast's Strait of Hormuz

The U.S. Navy sailed its first drone boat through the strategic Strait of Hormuz on Wednesday, a cru...

navy chaplains suicide prevention
US Navy Deploys More Chaplains For Suicide Prevention

Growing mental health distress in the ranks carries such grave implications that the U.S. chief of n...

Coffee Or Die Photo
DOD Official Says Sub Agreement Will Help Guarantee Free, Open Indo-Pacific

Mara E. Karlin, performing the duties of deputy undersecretary of defense for policy, said the agree...

USS Carl Vinson
Profile of a Ship: USS Carl Vinson

The USS Carl Vinson made headlines in early 2022 when an F-35 fighter jet crashed onto its flight deck, but the mishap is just a footnote in the aircraft carrier’s long and storied history.

domestic abuse, machete
Prosecutors: Marine Threatened To Chop Wife With Machete

A California Marine remains in the brig, accused of threatening to chop up his wife with a machete.

Coffee Or Die Photo
With One Shot, Marine Brass Kill Legendary Scout Sniper Program

With one shot from a fleetwide message, the Marine Corps killed its legendary scout sniper program.

Coast Guard boot camp
How Coast Guard Boot Camp Turns Recruits Into Coasties

Every year, more than 4,000 fresh recruits attend Coast Guard boot camp in Cape May, New Jersey. Those who graduate join the exclusive ranks of the US military’s second-smallest branch.

USS Abraham Lincoln
Portrait of a Ship: USS Abraham Lincoln

The USS Abraham Lincoln, the Navy’s fifth Nimitz-class aircraft carrier, took its maiden voyage more than three decades ago. Since then, the flattop has amassed many deployments, records, and firsts.

poppy seeds urinalysis
Pentagon: Stop Eating Poppy Seeds or Risk Positive Heroin Test

The Pentagon is urging all troops to stop eating poppy seeds, even those cooked into food.

poppy seeds
Pentagon: Poppy Seeds Can Make You Pop Positive on Pee Test

The Pentagon warns personnel that poppy seeds in spices and baked goods could trigger a positive pee test for opiates.

Parris Island recruit
Marines Must Surrender Records in Parris Island DI Homicide Case

Marine brass tried to hide legal records tied to the death of a Parris Island recruit.

Coffee Or Die Photo
Tribunal: Corps Wrongly Convicted Marine Behind Bars for 6 Years

Justices rule prosecutorial shenanigans and judge snafus put a Marine behind bars.

Coffee Or Die Photo
Navy Releases First Photos of Chinese Balloon Recovery

In the newest images released by the Navy on Tuesday, sailors from Explosive Ordnance Disposal Group...

Arc Integrity
What Happens If Russia Torpedoes Arc Integrity, the Ship Bringing Brads to Ukraine?

Russia is mad that we‘re sending Ukraine a shipment of Bradley Fighting Vehicles on board the Arc Integrity.

Marine Corps Dedicates First New Base in 7 Decades

For the first time in seven decades, the US Marine Corps is building a new base.

The damaged tug Mark E. Kuebler grounded near Corpus Christi, Texas, on Sunday, Jan. 22, 2023. A large gash is visible just above the waterline. Photos courtesy of Boatswain’s Mate 2nd Class Merrit Carter. Composite by Kenna Lee/Coffee or Die Magazine.
Coast Guard Coxswain Emphasizes Having Clear Head During Tugboat Response

One of the world’s most innovative tugboats remains beached on a Texas sandbar, after apparently getting sucked under a massive oil tanker and mauled by its propeller.

Coffee Or Die Photo
Big Navy Cans 2 Distinguished East Coast Commanders in 1 Day

Big Navy fired the COs of the guided-missile destroyer Carney and amphibious warship Mesa Verde.

Coffee Or Die Photo
US Coast Guard Monitors Russian Spy Ship off Hawaiian Islands

The US Coast Guard 14th District Headquarters in Honolulu is responsible for the Hawaiian Islands an...

Coffee Or Die Photo
‘Violent’ Seas Sweep Coast Guard Rescue Swimmers Into Water After Saving 7 Crew

A pair of elite Coast Guard rescue swimmers were swept off wayward tugboat Legacy into “violent” seas off the coast of Ocean City, Maryland, this weekend.

Marine Corps sergeant
US Marine Corps Sergeant Decorated for Saving Lives

Sgt. Joseph Howard received a Navy and Marine Corps Medal for risking his life to save others.

Coffee Or Die Photo
Mystery Marine Corps General Commandeers Plane for Funeral

Fair winds and following seas to Marine Corps 1st Lt. Nicholas Manganiello.

Coffee Or Die Photo
In Hawaii, ‘America’s Battalion’ Folds Its Colors and Fades Away

In Hawaii, the Corps deactivated the famous 3rd Battalion, 3rd Marines.

Marine Corps Recruiting
Cops: Marine Corps Recruiters Nab 2 Robbery Suspects, Foil Gem Heist

A pair of Marine Corps recruiters and an applicant detained two robbery suspects.

Coffee Or Die Photo
Big Navy Stops Booting Sailors Who Refused COVID-19 Vaccine

The latest move by the sea service follows a sea change on COVID-19 policy.

US, Japanese Leaders Spark Major Changes for Marines on Okinawa

Marine units on Okinawa are getting leaner, but meaner, to fight a rising China.

Marine Corps
Marine Corps Training Command Cans Colonel in California

The relief of Marine Corps Col. John L. Medeiros Jr. is tied to an Oct. 13 mishap.

US, Japan, Poised To Revamp Marine Regiment on Okinawa

Officials from Japan and the US are reorienting defense forces to confront China, Russia, and North Korea.

SWO Boss
SWO Boss and His Drive to 75, Prepping the Surface Fleet for War

SWO Boss Vice Adm. Roy Kitchener dishes on how he's fixing the surface fleet.

Houthi rebels
US Boarding Party Seizes Rifles Bound from Iran for Houthi Rebels

The latest seizure of Iranian materiel destined for Houthi Rebels occurred in the Gulf of Oman.

Saildrone Explorers
Saildrone Explorers Report for Robot Duty in the Persian Gulf

Saildrone Explorers don't need to sleep, eat, or pull collateral duties while they spy on Iranian warships.

big red
Sailors Mourn Carrier Quartermaster ‘Big Red’

Fair winds and following seas, to Quartermaster 2nd Class Zachary Soussa, the man shipmates called ‘Big Red.’

field artilleryman
Marines Mourn Death of Cannoneer, Killed in Georgia

USS Gerald Ford strike group
The USS Gerald Ford Is More Than Just a $13 Billion Boat

President Gerald R. Ford lent his name to the most technologically advanced warship ever built.

strike fighter engines
Pentagon Halts Deliveries of F-35 Strike Fighter Engines

The move comes in the wake of a strike fighter crash in Texas.

Coffee Or Die Photo
ATF Agents Probing Guided-Missile Destroyer’s Suspicious Fire

ATF arson experts from Tampa are working with NCIS agents on the probe.

Kodiak Island killer
Convicted Kodiak Island Killer of 2 Coasties Preps Another Appeal

James Michael Wells was convicted of murdering two co-workers at a US Coast Guard installation on Kodiak Island.

Coffee Or Die Photo
Guided-Missile Destroyer Carney's Crew Battles Blaze, 6 Sailors Hurt

An early morning blaze erupted on board the guided-missile destroyer Carney at Naval Station Mayport, but officials told Coffee or Die Magazine the hose team extinguished the fire quickly.

high-year tenure
Navy Santa Spreads Xmas Cheer to Sailors on High-Year Tenure List

Big Navy moved to suspend the unpopular high-year tenure program.

Coffee Or Die Photo
Cascade of Blunders Caused Major Damage to Marine Super Stallion

Go inside the probe into the Super Stallion helicopter mishap.

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