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special operations transforming
Special Ops Community Transforming to Meet Current, Future Challenges

The Special Operations community is making progress in its transformation to focus more on the chall...

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Four US Commandos and Military Working Dog Injured in Syria Raid

Four US special operators and a military working dog were hurt on a raid that killed an ISIS leader in northern Syria.

Delta Force
Delta Force Legend Gary Harrell Dies in Tennessee

US Army Maj. Gen. Gary Harrell, the legendary Delta Force leader, has died.

Syria africa raid
Special Ops Raids Capture 6 in Syria, While Somali Strikes Kill 15

Though launched in unrelated theaters, the two operations within hours of each other underline the pace of continued combat in Syria and Africa.

syria ISIS leader killed
Early Morning Special Operations Raid Kills 2 ISIS Planners in Syria

US Central Command officials said one of those killed was a planning official in the region known as Anas.

Marine Recon
Swift, Silent, Deadly: Where Does Marine Recon Stand Among Other Elite Units?

Jump and dive certified, members of Marine Recon are among the most capable warfighters the Corps has to offer. So why are they not considered special operations?

Marine Raider hed.jpg
Marine Raiders: The Corps’ Only Special Operations Unit

Kyle Mullen SEAL Training
The Death of Kyle Mullen: Misconduct or Navy SEAL Training Accident?

Kyle Mullen died after completing the “Hell Week” portion of the Navy’s BUD/S course, prompting urgent questions about the medical protocols for SEAL candidates.

the unit
When 'The Boys' Are Back In Town: A Special Ops Vet Explains Why Elite Units Train In US Cities

American special operations units have been spotted training in major US cities over the past several years. Here's why, according to a veteran of the Army's most elite counterterrorism team.

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