Triple Seven Expedition

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Triple Seven Expedition
DISPATCH: With Celebratory Jump in Florida, Triple 7 Expedition Is a Wrap

The Triple 7 Expedition's team of nine vets wrapped up its breakneck skydiving expedition with a final, celebratory jump in Florida on Wednesday, Jan. 18.

January 20, 2023Jenna Biter
After A Marine's Death, This Veteran Nonprofit Kept His Four Kids In School.jpg
Triple Seven Expedition
After a Marine’s Death, This Veteran Nonprofit Made Sure His Kids Could Stay in School

When Maj. Shawn Campbell was killed in a helicopter crash, his wife, Kelli, scrambled to find a scho...

January 18, 2023Jenna Biter
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Triple Seven Expedition
Jumping for Gold Star Families, Triple 7 Jumpers Nail Down World Records

With a jump in Australia on Monday, Jan. 16, local time, the Triple 7 Expedition's team of nine vets set world records, all to draw eyes and raise money for Gold Star families.

January 17, 2023Jenna Biter
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Triple Seven Expedition
No Sleep ’Til Abu Dhabi: Triple 7 Skydivers Clinch First World Record

With their jump in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates, the Triple 7 team's nine vets clinched the first world record of their breakneck skydiving expedition on Saturday, Jan. 14.

January 15, 2023Jenna Biter
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Triple Seven Expedition
‘Maybe, Just Maybe, We Were Flying With Our Fallen Friends’: Triple 7 Over the Pyramids

The Triple 7's team of nine vets skydived over the pyramids in Cairo, Egypt, on Friday, Jan. 13. Above the ancient structures, one vet felt connected to fallen comrades.

January 13, 2023Jenna Biter
Triple Seven Expedition
Triple 7’s Tandem Pair Chasing Their Own Skydiving Record

While the Triple 7 Expedition team skydives around the globe, its tandem master and passenger are jumping for two world records and two honorees.

January 12, 2023Jenna Biter
Triple 7 Expedition: Miami, Florida
Triple Seven Expedition
Triple 7 Expedition Faces Sleepless Nights and Canceled Flights

The Triple 7 jumpers are honoring fallen US service members as they chase a skydiving world record.

January 11, 2023Jenna Biter
Triple 7 Expedition: Santiago skydive
Triple Seven Expedition
As Triple 7 Team Jumps Over Chile, a Ranger Remembers a Fallen Comrade

While cruising through the first two legs of a record-attempting skydiving expedition, the Triple 7 team of nine veterans honored fallen friends and teammates.

January 10, 2023Jenna Biter
Triple Seven Expedition
One Continent Down, Six To Go: Triple 7 Team Kicks Off World-Record Chase With Antarctica Jump

The Triple 7 Expedition's team of nine special ops vets kicked off a record-attempting skydiving expedition on Monday, Jan. 9, with its first official jump at Union Glacier Camp, Antarctica.

January 9, 2023Jenna Biter
Triple 7 Expedition: Antarctica
DISPATCH: Check Out the Extreme Cold Gear That Keeps the Triple 7 Team Warm in Antarctica

As nine vets wait for the official start of a week-long breakneck skydiving expedition, slated for Jan. 9 in Antarctica, they complete a practice jump and run through their cold-weather gear.

January 6, 2023Jenna Biter
Coffee Or Die Photo
DISPATCH: Triple 7 Skydiving Team Faces Weather, Crevasses in Antarctica

For a team of veterans, a skydive in Antarctica presents challenges found almost nowhere else.

January 4, 2023Jenna Biter
Coffee Or Die Photo
Chasing Triple 7 With Retired Navy SEAL Mike Sarraille

January 1, 2023Jenna Biter
Coffee Or Die Photo
7 Jumps, 7 Continents, 7 Days: Triple 7 Expedition Will Set Records, Benefit Gold Star Families

Ten vets on the Triple 7 Expedition will attempt to jump on each continent in seven days for a skydiving record in January 2023 to raise $7 million for Folds of Honor.

December 28, 2022Jenna Biter
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