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logging ranch
How Generations of Loggers Have Kept the Petersen Ranch Sustainable

In a small, dead-end valley in Springfield, Oregon, on Camp Creek, three generations of the Petersen...

U.S. Marine Corps Lance Cpl. Brian Rubenacker adjusts his snow shoes during Exercise Forest Light on Camp Sendai, Sendai, Japan, Feb. 17, 2018. Marines conducted practical application using the extreme cold weather system. Rubenacker, a Farmdale, New York native, is a rifleman for Golf Company, 2nd Battalion, 1st Marine Regiment, 3rd Marine Division. (U.S. Marine Corps photo by Lance Cpl. Damion Hatch Jr.)
3 of the Best Winter Snowshoe Adventures

Floating across the frozen backcountry on snowshoes is a unique way to see the wilderness. But finding a place to go out and enjoy the snow can be hard.

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6 Ways to Beat Cabin Fever This Winter

This can be a hard time of year. The holidays are over, and we’re ready for spring — but it’s still winter.

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A Beginner’s Guide to Snowshoeing 

Blinded by the wind and stung by the cold, we set up our camp as the day grew dark around us. The two of us had snowshoed to Dogsled Pass, deep in the Talkeetna Mountains of south central Alaska.

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3 of the Most Beautiful US Hikes for Viewing Fall Foliage

When the air turns crisp and the days get shorter, it’s time to put on an extra layer (or two) and p...

The Beer is 6.2% Alcohol, and 7 Other Things I Learned the Hard Way at Oktoberfest

For the majority of my life, Oktoberfest has been just another tradition — like Cinco de Mayo and St...

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Logging in Alaska: The Complex Battle Waged Over Tongass National Forest

From thick coastal forests to high alpine peaks and sprawling glaciers, Southeast Alaska’s Tongass National Forest stretches over 16.7 million acres.

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I Took a Road Trip Through Syria — And This is What I Saw

I almost ignored the explosion at first. Loud noises weren’t unusual here in Qamishli, and I’d already heard jackhammers that could have been mistaken for gunfire throughout the day.

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The Basics of Layering Clothing for Fall Hikes

Outdoors clothing needs to meet the conditions a hiker will face. How hot or cold is the climate? Ho...

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The Everyman’s Approach to DIY Archery Elk Hunting

I’m a self-taught bow hunter with a passion for elk hunting. The first time I heard the bugle of a bull elk echo out of my computer speakers, I knew I had to go and experience it in person.

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Hard-Working Americans: The Beekeeper

Being a double-amputee doesn’t mean you can’t find your place in the agricultural world — and for Alex Jauregui, that place is as a beekeeper.  Jauregui served for 11 years in the U.

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Hard-Working Americans: The Butcher

In the eyes of this butcher, the craft of cutting and selling meat is making a comeback, and he coul...

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Hard-Working Americans: The Carpenter

On top of being a physically demanding job, carpentry is more of a visual process than most people r...

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Hard-Working Americans: The Electrician

Dilan Call has been an electrician for 11 years, and currently works out of the Local 490 union in C...

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Hard-Working Americans: The Firefighter

Even after a residential blaze gave him third-degree burns, firefighting was a lifestyle Arron Willi...

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Hard-Working Americans: The Metal Fabricator

More than anything, metal fabrication is a profession that requires precision and care. Those who pe...

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Hard-Working Americans: The Welder

Welding is strenuous work, but creating something with your own hands is inherently satisfying. There are many different types of products that welders have a hand in creating.

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Hard-Working Americans: The Blacksmith

The mix of art and craft keeps this blacksmith of 20 years going. Jonathan Rummel, owner/operator of Hand Forged Works in North Andover, Massachusetts, sees himself as both an artisan and a craftsman.

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Hard-Working Americans: The Mechanic

These days, being a mechanic means changing with the times. No one knows that better than Ernie Alix, who owns and operates Ernie’s Garage in Windham, New Hampshire.

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How One Woman Made Her Mark in the Oil Industry

The 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill and subsequent film of the same name showcased the dangers of t...

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The Art and Craft of Picking the Perfect Campsite

Any hiker planning to spend a night outdoors needs to choose a good campsite. This may seem obvious to the experienced outdoorsman, but any pro knows that no one is above refreshing the basics.

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3 Iconic Hikes in the Rocky Mountains

The Rocky Mountains are the largest mountain range in North America. Webs of ridge lines and towering peaks wind through the western United States, and every hike finds a new way to impress travelers.

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4 of the Best Hikes in the Northeast

To many, the American Northeast can be summarized as the New York-Boston corridor — but there is so ...

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4 of the Best Hikes in the Midwest

They don’t call them the flyover states for nothing — many simply see the Midwest as flat, uninspiri...

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5 of the Best Day Hikes in the Southeast

From the Louisiana swamps to the Virginia mountains, the American Southeast may lack the towering vi...

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3 of the Best Hikes on the American West Coast

The vistas of the American West have inspired people from John Muir to Ansel Adams to venture into t...

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A Victim of Violent Crime Is Now Training Hundreds of Women How to Shoot

Fourteen years before Rick Ecktor taught hundreds of people how to safely handle and shoot firearms ...

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Lewis and Clark: The First Independence Day West of the Mississippi

Isolated and far from home, the members of the Corps of Discovery celebrated the Fourth of July thre...

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How Some Veterans are Reconnecting with Nature — and Themselves

The van let the group of veterans from Heroic Hearts Project out at the bottom of a two-lane country road. It was too steep for the vehicle to go any farther.

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Historic Hikes: 4 Must-Visit Trails for History Buffs

Almost any hiking area has some sort of history tied to it, but sometimes a historical connection ma...

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Get Outside, Stay Outside: Stop the Bugs Coast-to-Coast

Whether you’re in the woods, on the trail, or camping in your backyard, summer insects are a fact of...

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5 Scenic Battlefields Every Hiker Should Visit

To hike on a battlefield is to hike through history. The artillery pieces used for bombardments are silent now, either used as decoration or removed entirely.

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Koh Tao, Thailand: An Island to Dive For

The heat hits me like a solid hand, buffeting my entire body as I open the door of the cabin, steppi...

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Purple Heart Recipient Begins Final Seven Summits Ascent

If the journey Benjamin Breckheimer begins today is successful, he’ll be the first Purple Heart reci...

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The Top 7 Thru-Hikes to Tackle in North America

Sometimes a day hike or a weekend backpacking trip isn’t enough. If you’re feeling the call of the w...

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11 Questions & A Cup of Coffee: Sportsman and Biologist Donnie Vincent

Donnie Vincent isn’t your typical hunter. The biologist turned hunter-conservationist turned filmmak...

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10 Courses Open to Civilians That Actually Teach You How to Operate

Look, we get it. You have an unquenchable thirst — a yearning for the trumpets and cannon-fire, but the kids have soccer practice on Tuesdays and you have bowling league on Thursdays.

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The Rise and Fall of Odessa Madre, ‘The Lady Al Capone’

Americans celebrate all races, religions, cultures, and creeds in order to remember, reflect, and learn from our ancestors’ trials and tribulations. Since 1976, every U.

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3 American Outdoor Hot Spots You Have to Visit Before Winter Ends

When the days get short and cold, many people take that as an excuse to hunker down in the comfort o...

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The Inside Story of an SBS Veteran who Rowed Across the Atlantic

After more than two months alone on a boat in the Atlantic Ocean, Tim Crockett, 47, was two miles fr...

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5 Winter Survival Tips You Need to Know, According to the Boy Scouts

When the days grow cold and short, a lot of people use that as an excuse to stay indoors. But with a...

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The Quick Ascent of a World Champion Knife Thrower

The forest of mostly dead trees sits near the highway in Ostrava, Czech Republic. Syringes and broken bottles litter the landscape.

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The Air Force Superfortress Stuck on an Alaskan Glacier

In the legendary 1818 poem “Ozymandias,” Percy Shelley wrote about a statue of the Egyptian Pharaoh ...

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The Life of A Mormon Missionary in Russia

At 6-foot-3, 19-year-old Elder Ostler stood a head taller than most of the people he saw walking dow...

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Buffalo Is Experiencing a Renaissance That Is Revitalizing the Once-Dying City

The loss of Bethlehem Steel was widely regarded among the local population as the nail in the coffin...

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Don’t Forget to Check Your Contour Lines — Especially in Alaska!

That type of carelessness brought us face to face with a stream we could not cross. Attention to detail and the ability to read into nuance are two critical functions of a good navigator.

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What It’s Like to Hunt With Eagles in Mongolia

McGough is the only woman among the small fraction of American falconers who hunt with golden eagles...

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