Here’s the True Story of the Portland Man Attacked and Beaten Unconscious Last Week

August 23, 2020Ethan E. Rocke
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After Adam Haner crashed his truck in downtown Portland on the night of Sunday, Aug. 16, and was beaten unconscious in the street, myriad videos of the brutal beating circulated in local and national media. Conflicting or inaccurate information spread on the internet, including the ideas that Haner had been killed in the attack, that he had been drunk and yelling racist slurs earlier in the evening on Portland’s east side, and that he had tried to run over protesters.  

In fact, Haner was taken to the hospital, treated, and released within two days, and while Coffee or Die could not confirm the single-source report about Haner’s behavior early in the evening, we analyzed a 32-minute, mostly uncut video that provides a detailed look at what happened Sunday night and how Haner ended up bleeding and unconscious on the pavement. Watch the full 32-minute video and read our detailed summary below.

Sunday, Aug. 16, around 10 p.m.

The video begins in Lownsdale Square just across from the Mark O. Hatfield U.S. Courthouse — the site where protesters and federal agents frequently clashed last month. 

As someone can be heard speaking on a megaphone off-camera nearby, the cameraperson walks up on three men who are menacing a young white man whom they appear to accuse of recording someone or something they disapprove of. The man, dressed in blue basketball shorts and a T-shirt, doesn’t have a camera or phone but is holding a cigarette. He seems bewildered.   

Among the three men is a young man wearing a black shirt with SECURITY printed in bold white letters who appears to be the main suspect in Haner’s beating, 25-year-old Marquise Love. Love turned himself in to police Friday morning and was booked into the Multnomah County Detention Center. He is accused of felony assault, coercion, and rioting.

“Leave. Leave!” one of the men can be heard saying. They then force the man in blue to walk out of the park and north on Salmon Street. 

“I was really just sitting here smoking,” the man says. “I’m really sorry …” 

“Shut up! Just keep walking,” says a Black man wearing a utility vest and jeans, his fists balled at his side.  

As they walk the man east across Salmon street, the man in the vest says, “I should knock you out right now …”

The vested man scares the man in blue shorts. Screenshot from Lives Matter on YouTube.

“I swear I was not recording anybody. I wasn’t doing anything,” says the man in blue. 

A voice off screen that appears to be Love says, “All I’m saying is, bro, if my n****s T up, I’m T-ing up too … You might want to hurry up and get out of here, bro.” 

Then the man in the vest lunges like he’s going to punch the man, who flinches and cowers. 

“Don’t run. Walk! Walk! If you run, I’m gonna chase you down and beat your ass,” the vested man says. 

Love appears to be the man in the SECURITY vest. Screenshot from Lives Matter on YouTube.

The man in blue turns the corner onto 4th street as he quickens his stride, trying to comply with the order to hurry up without running. He gets about 50 feet down the street before the men — joined by other bystanders on 4th Street — suddenly jump the man and beat him in the street. After absorbing a few blows, the man in blue runs away, and the cameraperson and the three men post up on the corner of Taylor and 4th Street in front of a 7-Eleven where a group of people is lingering.

The man in blue gets jumped at the intersection of Taylor and 4th Ave. Screenshot from Lives Matter on YouTube.

A white transgender woman with a backpack and skateboard says something to the man who appears to be Love, and he turns to her and says, “What’s up? I’ll come over there and beat your ass right now. Don’t play with me, bitch.” 

The other vested man then turns his attention briefly to Adam Haner, who we see for the first time, lingering in the crowd in a pair of jean shorts and a Transformers T-shirt. 

The trans woman then whips out a baton and challenges the group of young Black men, which they mostly ignore as other bystanders deescalate. The trans woman says, “I’m walking away,” and the vested man says, “This is my block.” 

Haner, center, in the midst of the initial confrontation. Screenshot from Lives Matter on YouTube.

Then the man who appears to be Love says, “I know you’re a female, bro, but I will have other females run up here, so you might just want to leave, bro.”

While the young men flex, Haner casually walks in the middle of the confrontation, one hand in his pocket and another holding a cigarette.  

Suddenly, a man in a purple or brown hoodie who assaulted the man in blue sneaks behind the trans woman and steals her baton. She gives chase and demands, “Give me my shit back right now, motherfuckers.” The man passes the baton to the vested man, whom the trans woman maces right at the moment the man in a hoodie rips her skateboard away. She chases him through the street as he easily taunts her, and the woman sprays mace at a young man who seems to be an innocent bystander as she runs past him. A young Black woman then chases the trans woman, who maces her as well. 

A man steals the woman’s baton. Screenshot from Lives Matter on YouTube.

“Get the fuck up off me,” the trans woman says. 

As the vested man and others swarm the trans woman, people can be heard saying, “Go get the bitches, bro.”

Soon a woman can be heard saying, “Ima beat that bitch’s ass. Where’s she at.”  

The trans woman posts on the corner again and says, “I want my fucking skateboard. I didn’t come here to start no shit. Y’all started shit.”

The man who jumped the man in blue shorts steals the woman’s skateboard, and she maces the man in the vest. Screenshot from Lives Matter on YouTube.

A young Black woman approaches the trans woman while a dark-haired white woman tries to post up behind her, preparing for an attack.  

“Do not get behind me,” the trans woman says, looking more worried as the would-be attackers swarm. “I’m a goddamn certified fucking killer. I am a Delta Force operator. I served eight years in the US fucking Delta Force.”  

The trans woman backs toward Haner’s white pickup, parked next to the 7-Eleven on Taylor Street. Haner observes nearby as the dark-haired white woman calls the trans woman a “weirdo-ass bitch” and spits on her. 

As another woman approaches with a taser, Haner seems to step in and try to deescalate. 

Haner tries to deescalate near his truck. Screenshot from Lives Matter on YouTube.

The trans woman then tells a young Black woman she killed 300 people during her eight years of service. The woman accuses the trans woman of being a racist, which she denies. 

As the two bicker, the man in the hoodie tears the trans woman’s backpack off and runs off with it. As she tries to get it back, she gets attacked and then maces her attacker.  

The man in the purple hoodie snatches the woman’s backpack and runs off. Screenshot from Lives Matter on YouTube.

A Black man in sweatpants with a camouflage backpack then steps in and says, “You better stop pulling that shit the fuck out. You pull it on me, I’m gonna shoot you.”

“I need my shit back!” the trans woman yells as the man reaches into his pack menacingly. 

In the street behind the two, Haner, who is holding a beer bottle, appears to try and deescalate other would-be attackers.  

A masked white woman tries to intervene on the trans woman’s behalf, saying what sounds like, “She’s homeless.” 

“I don’t give a fuck,” says the man reaching in his pack. “You want some of these bullets too, bitch?”

Haner again tries to help as the man with the camo backpack threatens to shoot her and others. Screenshot from Lives Matter on YouTube.

As the man steps toward the trans woman, she sits down on the curb in a sign of acquiescence and says, “Please give me my bag back.” Then the young woman who accused her of racism snatches the woman by her hair and throws three haymakers at her face. 

“I’m not fighting back. Just give me my bag back,” the trans woman pleads from the curb. When she gets up and starts yelling to give her bag back, Haner tries to calm her down.

A woman attacks the robbery victim as she pleads for her property. Screenshot from Lives Matter on YouTube.

Things appear to calm down briefly, but when the trans woman persists, the crowd grows increasingly hostile. 

Someone says, “You’re going mace crazy, you fucking psycho!”

“I just want my backpack back. Please, it has my ID,” the woman says.  

Soon a blond-haired Black person enters the scene and says, “You been macing people?” 

“Because they were fucking throwing hands at me!” the trans woman says, her back against the wall of the 7-Eleven’s brick façade.

The victim pleads for her property and gets maced. Screenshot from Lives Matter on YouTube.

The blonde person then sprays what appears to be mace in the woman’s face. 

“Please. I’m asking nicely,” the woman says, remaining calm.

The blond person throws a water bottle at her and says, “Just fucking go!”  

A crowd of five people, including one woman in a gas mask, surround the woman. Then, without provocation, the dark-haired white woman and the Black woman who assaulted the victim moments earlier attack the trans woman. 

“What’s up, bitch! What’s up!” they yell, as they viciously beat her, pulling her hair and landing punch after punch to her face. They’re joined by two other women; one flies in with a foot to the face and then starts throwing hammer fists downward as the dark-haired white woman stands up and lands several kicks.

The woman gets jumped and beaten viciously. Screenshot from Lives Matter on YouTube.

A large black woman steps in and breaks up the assault, calling off the attackers.  

“I’m not fighting back,” the trans woman yells at her dispersing attackers. “I just want my backpack back.” 

Suddenly, a Black man in black pants and a white button-up shirt clutching a knife hustles into the frame and says, “Come on, I want to play.” 

He puts himself between the crowd and the trans woman — who is still sitting against the brick façade of the 7-Eleven — and makes sure everyone knows he has a knife. The roughly 4-inch blade glints in and out of the light.  

“I wanna play,” he repeats menacingly at the crowd. “I wanna play. I wanna play.” 

As a man with a knife intervenes to protect the woman from more attacks, Haner continues to try and help her. Screenshot from Lives Matter on YouTube.

“I just want my backpack back! Please!” the trans woman wails on the ground behind her protector. “Look, I’ve been homeless for years, and I don’t have it.”

“What’s up? I wanna play,” says the man with the knife. “What’s up? I know you, man,” he says to the man with the camo backpack.  

“I’m not sayin’ a gotdamn thing,” camo backpack says casually, smoking. 

“N***** she maced me,” says the vested man, now wearing only a black T-shirt. “I don’t want to fuck with none of that shit.” 

At this point, Haner enters the scene still holding what appears to be a half-empty beer bottle and calmly approaches the crowd of Black men and women, again attempting to deescalate. 

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry,” he can be heard saying. 

Haner again tries to deescalate the situation. Screenshot from Lives Matter on YouTube.

The man with the knife protecting the trans woman tells the crowd, “All I seen was somebody getting jumped.” 

“She maced me,” the man in the black T-shirt says. 

People are shouting back and forth, and much of what Haner says is inaudible, but he appears to calmly tell the man in the black T-shirt, “She ain’t after you. She’s trying to recover her shit.” 

“You was macing kids, n****,” says the blond Black person who earlier maced the trans woman. 

As Haner turns his attention to the trans woman, the crowd closes in on the man with the knife, telling him to put it away. With a cigarette hanging from his lip, camo backpack reaches into his pack and says, “Put that shit away.” 

“What you got in the bag,” says the man with the knife. 

“Doesn’t matter. Put it the fuck away. Doesn’t matter. You’ll find out soon enough. Put it the fuck away.”

The man with the knife and the man claiming to have a gun face off. Screenshot from Lives Matter on YouTube.

The man in the black T-shirt puts his utility vest back on as he tries to convince the man with the knife to back down. He appears to say, “What we own, man? We out here for Black Lives Matter, n****. Fuck these white people.”

All of this is happening right next to Haner’s truck, and the driver’s-side door is open. About 10 feet away in the background, the trans woman cries and begs for her belongings. Haner seems to try to advocate on the woman’s behalf and get her backpack returned.

The woman wails, “Please! I need my backpack. I can’t get into my house without my backpack. I need my ID. I can’t get ahold of my therapist! I’m gonna shoot myself in the fucking head!” 

Haner continues to try and help the distraught woman amid the chaos. Screenshot from Lives Matter on YouTube.

The crowd has become disinterested and is mostly ignoring the woman at this point. 

“You think you can hurt me? You kicked me in the face. Fine! I don’t care,” she cries hysterically to no one in particular. “I just want my backpack back. I need my phone so I can contact my therapist. I need to be able to fucking call my mom. My little sister’s dying of stage 4 fucking cancer right now! I just came here to get some goddamn alcohol, and people are starting to get aggressive toward me, and I’m sorry I used mace cuz I felt …”

The blond Black person who maced the trans woman engages her and reluctantly offers to try and help her get her backpack back. 

At this point, the cameraperson walks away from the trans woman and leans on a pole at the corner of Taylor and 4th Street, seeming to take a break in front of the 7-Eleven where a crowd of about 30 people linger. He moves into Taylor Street so the camera is pointed toward the 7-Eleven, and the trans woman is standing amidst a small group again, calmly pleading for her bag back. 

The blond person reluctantly offers help, wanting to get the victim to leave the area. Screenshot from Lives Matter on YouTube.

As the group closes in, tensions escalate again. Haner stands between the victim and the group, apparently trying to deescalate the situation. 

“Go! I’m gonna hit you again!” says one of the women who attacked the trans woman previously.

A small, red-headed white person wearing a black T-shirt and a surgical mask also intervenes to deescalate. 

“She maced a shit-ton of kids,” someone says. Several people repeat the claim. 

As Haner and the red-headed person try to help, one of the previous attackers kicks the victim in the face again. Screenshot from Lives Matter on YouTube.

At this point, the man in the SECURITY vest who appears to be Love enters the frame, walking around behind the trans woman, who is now sitting on the ground. As Love appears to try and attack the woman, two other people hold him back and corral him away. 

After a woman pours a bottle of water on the trans woman, Haner and the red-headed person continue to try and help the trans woman. Then one of the women who jumped the trans woman earlier kicks her in the head. 

After a moment, Love lunges toward the trans woman again, but at least three men restrain and hold him back. 

“Fuck this bitch!” he says as the others tell him, “No, no no.” 

The man who appears to be Love lunges toward the victim and is restrained. Screenshot from Lives Matter on YouTube.

The cameraperson then turns away from the trans woman and the crowd and walks around the intersection, pointing the camera outward for a couple minutes. When he turns back toward the trans woman and the crowd, a young Black woman can be seen saying, “Hey, she literally wants us to beat her to death so we look bad.” 

Over chaotic yelling from the crowd, another person can be heard saying, “She just wants us to beat her ass. She already got stomped out.”

As the cameraperson circles around the scene again, the crowd remains focused on the trans woman. Suddenly there’s a jump cut in the video where a few moments appear to be cut out. Something off screen seems to spook the crowd, and there’s another short jump cut. The cameraperson circles around toward the 7-Eleven entrance before turning around and heading toward Haner’s white pickup truck, which Haner is attempting to start. He appears to grind his clutch, which draws the attention of the crowd. People immediately start rushing toward the truck, apparently spooked by the loud noise. 

“Ay, you’re gonna break the shit, bro! Chill the fuck out!” someone yells. 

When the crowd turns toward the loud noise from Haner’s truck, someone again kicks the victim while she’s down. Screenshot from Lives Matter on YouTube.

Haner’s truck rolls a few feet, and someone says, “Stop!” 

The Black man in the utility vest appears to throw a quick jab at Haner as he approaches the truck. Someone says, “Yo, what are you doing?” as more people, including the man who appears to be Love, rush toward the truck. 

Somebody off camera says, “He didn’t do nothing. He didn’t do nothing, bro,” as a white woman in a black face mask tells a light-skinned man who’s recording with his phone, “Get that license [plate].” 

The crowd appears to perceive Haner and his truck as a potential threat now, fearing he might turn his truck on them. There’s another brief jump cut in the video. 

The crowd moves to confront Haner in his truck. Screenshot from Lives Matter on YouTube.

Tensions are rising, and suddenly Haner’s girlfriend, Tammie Martin, appears in front of his truck. She gets punched and attacked and stumbles away from the truck, clearly shaken. Haner tries to get out of his truck, but someone in the crowd says, “What are you going to do?” and forces him to stay put. Then a Black woman tackles Martin and takes her down hard in the street. Several people intervene to help Martin, and then another Black woman tries to punch her as others get her on her feet and away from the area. She ends up crossing Taylor Street and going to the side across from Haner’s truck. 

Haner tries to get out of his truck after his girlfriend, Tammie Martin, seen in a blue tank top, is attacked. Screenshot from Lives Matter on YouTube.

Several men are still posted outside Haner’s truck, harassing him for being a perceived threat. At least one of the men appears to be trying to assault Haner or his truck as he tries to drive away. The truck rolls forward slowly, and the crowd gets more hostile. The person who tackled Martin comes into frame and kicks the front of the truck and then tries to pull the passenger door open. Haner revs the gas, creeping forward as he taps rhythmically on the horn, apparently trying to get the crowd to disperse enough so he can drive away. The person trying to get the passenger door open hangs on for a moment and then falls away with two other people whose feet almost get run over as Haner pulls away. Once clear from the crowd, Haner seems to hit the gas hard and blow through a red light, heading north on Taylor Street.

Haner honks his horn and creeps forward, trying to get clear to drive away. Screenshot from Lives Matter on YouTube.

The camera perspective is shaky and often obscured for several seconds, but it appears Haner stalls temporarily just past 4th Avenue, and crowd members chase after him as people can be heard yelling, “Get his license plate!” 

People are yelling frantically as the cameraperson and other crowd members give chase for two blocks as Haner crashes hard into a trash can and onto the sidewalk at the corner of Broadway and Taylor Street.

“He crashed into a building! He crashed into a building!” someone yells. 

As people approach Haner’s truck, someone in a car drives up and says, “We’re going to block him in. Come here, motherfucker.” 

Haner’s truck crashed at the corner of Taylor Street and Broadway, two blocks north of the 7-Eleven. Screenshot from Lives Matter on YouTube.

Haner is outside his truck at the back of the vehicle as the cameraperson gets closer, and several men can be seen surrounding him and his truck.

“I was just trying to get out of there,” he says, his speech sounding slurred as he approaches a man wearing a black balaclava and holding a baton. “My old lady was trying to get out of there — because you guys are crazy. I was trying to get out of there with my old lady — because we’re just trying to roll, ay.” 

“Don’t fucking come near me, bro. I’ll fuck you up,” the man with the baton says, holding his phone up to record Haner.  

“I’m not,” Haner says, backing away and holding his hands up. “I’m trying to get away from this bullshit.”

The man with the baton turns his attention across the intersection to the south and yells at someone, “Hey! There’s too many people around here. Turn that shit— put that away!” It’s unclear what he’s referring to. 

Haner moves to the back of his truck again and says, “Look at this shit. I’m trying to get out of here, and y’all won’t let me.” 

The cameraperson circles around the front of Haner’s truck, and Haner says something about how he and his girlfriend are delivering Postmates. 

“That’s all we’re trying to do … I was trying to get out of there. I’m getting away from their bullshit. I’m not even trying to fight y’all. You can hit me. I don’t care. I didn’t do this to you. They’re your enemy,” Haner says, pointing south toward the 7-Eleven. 

Suddenly, a bright, strobing firework starts burning under Haner’s truck. Haner turns and approaches the driver’s seat of his truck. He asks for help with the firework situation, and one of the many men surrounding him says, “Bro, you’re not leaving, bro.”

Haner pleads for help and tries to explain himself. Screenshot from Lives Matter on YouTube.

The man who appears to be Love casually walks closer to Haner as other fireworks spring up around the truck and Haner pleads for help. Suddenly, there’s a brief jump cut in the footage, and when the image returns, Haner appears to be bleeding from his head. Love and the other man in the balaclava tell Haner to “back the fuck up.” Haner complies and backs away, and Love turns to the crowd and yells, “Ay, stop throwing shit!” appearing to try and help Haner for a moment. 

Haner then reaches back inside his truck, and Love and others tell him not to reach inside his truck and back up. Love gently pushes Haner backward and tells him to sit down in the street. Then the man in the balaclava throws Haner down before turning his attention to searching his truck. 

Haner pleads with the man who appears to be Love. Screenshot from Lives Matter on YouTube.

Haner says, “I need help, pointing to the man searching his truck.” He stays on his knees in the street and checks his phone briefly before standing up and being thrown down again.  

“You ain’t leaving,” someone says. “You ain’t going nowhere. Sit the fuck down.” 

Haner is on his back in the street with at least a half dozen people standing over him, preventing him from getting up. 

“Keep your hands where I can see them,” someone says. 

Another voice says, “You sit your ass down until the cops come, n****.” 

Haner after getting taken to the ground initially. Screenshot from Lives Matter on YouTube.

Someone asks, “Where’s your wife?” Haner points to the street corner beyond his crashed truck and says, “She’s right there. You know, she’s trying to call me,” he says, fumbling with his phone. “I’m sorry. I’m sorry. She’s trying to call me. Can I answer it?” 

It appears Love says, “Do what you gotta do, but you ain’t leaving, my n****.” 

Haner’s phone rings, and someone says, “Answer and let her know you’re okay.” 

Someone says something inaudible, and Haner replies, “I know. I know.” Then he puts his phone down and looks up at Love and innocently says, “I ain’t trying to hurt no one down there.” 

Haner moments before the man who appears to be Love brutally attacks him. Screenshot from Lives Matter on YouTube.

Love says, “What do you mean you ain’t trying to hurt nobody, n****??” 

When Haner says, “I was trying to get—” it appears Love punches him. 

“Shut the fuck up, n****!” 

“I was trying to get out of your way,” Haner says, making no effort to defend himself or retaliate. 

The man who appears to be Love yells at Haner in between blows. Screenshot from Lives Matter on YouTube.

“You weren’t trying to back up,” Love appears to say. “You went forward, n****. What the fuck is you talking about?” 

“I was trying to get out of your way,” Haner says again before Love connects with a more vicious punch from above at point-blank range. 

“Fuck is you talking about, you weren’t trying to hurt nobody?” Love yells, furious. 

Haner calmly sits up and makes no sudden moves. “I wasn’t,” he says calmly, staring toward the ground and holding his phone — still surrounded. 

Love appears to back off and circle around while yelling furiously off screen, “Fuck this, n****.”

Haner stays still and checks his phone as Love can be heard off screen: “Watch the fuck out, n****.” Suddenly, Love launches into the frame and unloads a series of vicious punches on a totally compliant Haner. 

“Fuck is you talking about, you don’t want to hurt nobody, n****?” 

Love’s friends pull him off Haner and attempt to restrain him and deescalate. Love gets away and lands several more punches on Haner, who is dazed but still conscious. Someone stands over him and says, “Go to sleep, pal. Go to sleep.” 

Haner absorbs more blows. Screenshot from Lives Matter on YouTube.

Off screen, someone yells, “There’s another fight! Another fight!” And the crowd turns its attention to the east. The camera briefly reveals Haner’s distraught girlfriend, Tammie Martin, talking to two men at the back of Haner’s truck. At this point, the camera footage cuts to a clip from Twitter that captures the most disturbing moment of the assault on Haner.

The man who appears to be Love runs up from behind Haner and connects with a vicious kick to the face that knocks Haner out cold. The back of Haner’s head appears to hit the ground hard, and it opens a gash on the back of his head. 

The head kick. Screenshot from Lives Matter on YouTube.

Someone off camera screams excitedly, “Oh! Knock that fucking racist out, bro! You fucking loser! Fucking try to run people over! Stupid bitch!” the voice screams at Haner, who is clearly out cold and bleeding on the asphalt.  

After the kick, people seem to flee the scene, anticipating the police. The cameraperson then walks toward Haner’s girlfriend who is crying hysterically as the man in the balaclava tries to calm her while keeping her from helping Haner.

The suspect standing over Haner after kicking him in the face. Screenshot from Lives Matter on YouTube.

“Why is he bleeding?” she cries, dropping her face in her hands. 

“He wrecked his car, and he got beat up because he was trying to run people over when he was saving you,” says the man in the balaclava.

“Don’t let them go through his truck,” she cries, pointing. “That’s all I ask.” 

The man in the balaclava then approaches several people who appear to be looting the back of the truck and attempts to disburse them. “Come on. We ain’t gotta rob these people, man.” 

“Just want to make sure they ain’t got no weapons in here,” one of the people at the back of the truck says.  

Tammie Martin cries hysterically, pleading for people not to loot Haner’s truck. Screenshot from Lives Matter on YouTube.

By this time, some women are rendering first aid to Haner, and one says, “Call 911 please. I need someone to call 911 please. He’s breathing.” 

As people render aid, Love’s friends can be heard saying, “All this racism’s gotta stop, n****. It’s gotta stop.” 

A woman can then be heard saying, “You shouldn’t try to run people over, n****.” 

Someone says, “Hey guys, you probably need to keep him on his side. He’s bleeding out of his mouth.” 

The camera then reveals in vivid detail the gash on the back of Haner’s head and the large blood spot on the sidewalk. 

People gather to render aid to Haner. Screenshot from Lives Matter on YouTube.

Someone starts pouring water on Haner’s head as the woman rendering aid repeats, “I need someone to call 911.”

Another person says, “Give him some space. Back up. We’ve got medics here.” 

A young-sounding voice then says, “Get your bitch-ass up.” 

Another voice yells angrily, “Black Lives Matter, n****.” 

As medics continue to render aid, Haner can be heard moaning over and over again.  

A Black man is yelling furiously, “Who the fuck you think they gonna come after if that man dies?”  

A man yells, “Who the fuck you think they gonna come after if that man dies?”  Screenshot from Lives Matter on YouTube.

The video ends.

Tammie Martin told a local news station that police had to form a wall to protect her after an ambulance took Haner to a hospital for his injuries. She said she is recovering from a hairline rib fracture and has bruises all over her body.

“They kept calling me names, calling me a white supremacist [expletive],” Martin said. “You have a boyfriend that’s a white supremacist and saying you’re a loser, I hope your boyfriend dies. This little group was not a protesting group. They were just looking for a fight.”

Haner and Martin speak to KATU News. Screenshot from KATU News report.

As news of the brutal attack spread widely in local and national media, local protest groups decried the attack and robberies.

“We want the public to know that we’re not those folks beating people up and robbing them. It’s a stain on the movement,” community organizer Danialle James told The Portland Mercury. James is with the protest group Moms United for Black Lives.

In an interview with a local news station, Haner said he doesn’t remember most of the night. 

“I remember vaguely being on the ground and trying to call her,” Haner said, referencing his girlfriend. “Then I don’t remember anything. Two days later, I wake up, and now I’m here.”

Haner speaks to KATU News. Screenshot from KATU News report.

Haner told KATU News that he is not seeking anything from his attackers, but he hopes they learn from this incident.

Haner’s brother, Brian Haner, launched a GoFundMe for Haner after the attack, and it has raised more than $145,000. 

“This is going to be an awakening experience for my brother in so many ways,” Brian Haner wrote on the GoFundMe page. “He’s always been cynical about the world at large, but has always been someone willing to step up and speak up to help someone being treated unfairly.”

Ethan E. Rocke
Ethan E. Rocke

Ethan E. Rocke is a contributor and former senior editor for Coffee or Die Magazine, a New York Times bestselling author, and award-winning photographer and filmmaker. He is a veteran of the US Army and Marine Corps. His work has been published in Maxim Magazine, American Legion Magazine, and many others. He is co-author of The Last Punisher: A SEAL Team THREE Sniper’s True Account of the Battle of Ramadi.

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Biden Will Award Medal of Honor to Army Helicopter Pilot Who Rescued Soldiers in Vietnam Firefight

Biden will award the Medal of Honor to a Vietnam War Army helicopter pilot who risked his life to save a reconnaissance team from almost certain death.

dear jack mandaville
Dear Jack: Which Historic Battle Would You Want To Witness?

Ever wonder how much Jack Mandaville would f*ck sh*t up if he went back in time? The American Revolution didn't even see him coming.

west point time capsule
West Point Time Capsule Yields Centuries-Old Coins

A nearly 200-year-old West Point time capsule that at first appeared to yield little more than dust contains hidden treasure, the US Military Academy said.

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