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First Look: ‘2054’ Explores America’s Precarious Future in a World Dominated By AI

The upcoming novel “2054” paints a grim portrait of a world vying for control of new technology and America on the brink of civil war.

tarantino samurai movie blooper
How a Samurai Movie Blooper Inspired Quentin Tarantino’s Blood-Soaked Films

Quentin Tarantino owes much of his signature style to a broken prop on a Japanese movie set.

Come Out Fighting: New Film Tells the Forgotten Story of the 761st Tank Battalion

The 761st Tank Battalion was Patton’s spearhead in the fight to free Europe. A new film is finally telling the story of the decorated all-Black unit.

Walt Whitman
Walt Whitman Wrote Gritty First-Hand Civil War Poems

American poet Walt Whitman served as a nurse during the Civil War, giving readers a first-hand perspective of the battlefront through his poetry.

761st tank battalion documentary
SECDEF Austin, Morgan Freeman Discuss Upcoming Documentary

In a roundtable hosted at the Pentagon, the Secretary of Defense and Morgan Freeman discuss his upcoming documentary on the 761st Tank Battalion.

What Moviegoers Should Know Before Seeing Christopher Nolan’s ‘Oppenheimer’

Christopher Nolan has now applied his formula for fraught, sensory-overloading epics to the origin story of the atom bomb.

father's day
Father’s Day Gift Guide: Don’t Disappoint Your Dad … Again

It’s less than two weeks until Father’s Day, and last-minute gifts for Dad are harder to come by tha...

johnny joey jones
Johnny Joey Jones, Marine Corps Bomb Tech and Fox Nation Host, To Publish 'Unbroken Bonds' Book

Combat veteran and Fox Nation host Johnny Joey Jones has a book coming out in June about serving with the Marines Corps in Iraq and Afghanistan and the friendships he formed.

enemy at the gates
‘Enemy At The Gates’ Shows Soviet Propaganda At Work

Enemy at the Gates tells the story of Soviet sniper Vasili Zaitsev as both a game of cat and mouse a...

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