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NYARNG 53rd Troop Command Best Warrior Competition
How to Make Training for the ACFT Accessible 

Change is often met with resistance, and the Army Combat Fitness Test (ACFT) is no different. When i...

the grind fitness workout motivation
4 Ways to Beat the Daily Grind and Crush Your Workout

It’s 0600, and you’ve had a long week at work. Your body is sore, you are low on energy, and the idea of driving into PT or completing a WOD makes you want to punch something.

fitness cluster sets
How to Increase Strength and Break Through Plateaus With Cluster Sets

Plateaus are common in strength training. Nearly anyone who has ever lifted a barbell has reached a place where progress eluded them.

army ranger pull up record
Former Army Ranger Crushes World Record for Pullups in a Day

When one pushes their body to its most extreme limit, they find that they are simultaneously pushing their mind and spirit. Few are more familiar with this feeling than Brandon Tucker — a U.

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5th SFG (A) Challenge Elite CrossFit Athletes

This article was originally published on Oct. 25, 2019, by the 5th Special Force Public Affairs Office.

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How to Improve Your Deadlift One Rep Max

Deadlifts are a versatile exercise that translate directly to our lives outside of the gym. Every day, we’re lifting, bending, and reaching for things.

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Recovery is Just as Important as Working Out — Here’s Why

A general assumption is that in order to lose weight, gain muscle, or get in better physical shape, ...

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What is Physical Mobility, and Why is it Important?

Some people are avid gym-goers, and others can’t wait to hit the trail or the slopes every weekend. Many people commute every day during the week and work in offices or labor-intensive work fields.

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The Fitness Regimen That Will Prepare You for Elk Hunting

There’s no doubt that hunting elk in the Rocky Mountain West is a physical activity. If you don’t li...

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