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cup tasters championship
Black Rifle Coffee Q-Grader Levels Up in Cup Tasters Championship

In their first year of Cup Tasters Competitions, BRCC Q-grader Genifer Ness is taking coffee cupping to the National Stage at the 2023 SCA Expo.

horny snowman
Make the Horny Snowman for a Boozy Coffee Treat

I’m not a cold-weather person. Something about freezing my ass off to the point of being able to register my nipples as deadly weapons doesn’t sit right with me.

wush wush
Wush Wush: The Ethiopian Coffee Breaking Rules and Turning Heads

According to legend, coffee was first discovered more than a thousand years ago by a goat herder in ...

coffee spanish
Make Your Own Flaming Spanish Coffee

If you’re anything like me, you like to spice up your coffee recipes every once in a while to keep t...

kopi telur
Sumatra’s Sweet Secret: Kopi Telur Coffee Drink

Strange as it is, we’ve probably all heard of egg as a condiment for coffee. Whether that’s in an en...

east germany coffee
How East Germany Solved a Coffee Shortage

There aren’t enough words to adequately describe how much Germans love coffee. Drinking coffee is a ...

coffee emissions london
Coffee Grounds Are Being Used To Reduce Emissions From London Buses

It seems as if there’s almost nothing coffee can’t do. In the United Kingdom, a stronghold of tea-drinking, coffee consumption is on the rise.

ants coffee
How Ants Are Harvesting Coffee Beans in Brazil

An old wives’ tale says that sprinkling coffee grounds around your homes and plants will help keep t...

Coffee’s Creation Myth: How Coffee Conquered the World

Ethiopia lies in East Africa, where the topography features everything from arid desert lowlands to ...

must-read coffee books
6 Must-Read Books for Every Coffee Enthusiast

Coffee is both inspirational and aspirational. For better or for worse, it has been inspiring and motivating humans in just about every endeavor and institution since the 1500s.

haitian blue coffee
Haitian Blue: The Island Nation’s Latest Specialty Coffee Offering

Coffee may not be the first thing you think of when it comes to Haitian exports — but that’s about to change. Haitian Blue is the island nation’s latest product to hit the specialty coffee market.

coffee experiment
How Twin Convicts Beat a Death Sentence by Drinking Coffee

When coffee finally made its way into the hearts and minds of Europeans, European leaders did everyt...

gold rush inflation
How Gold Rush Inflation Sent Coffee Prices to the Highest in American History

Life in America is getting more and more expensive by the day. Photos of gas prices in California are stoking fears of inflation across the country.

coffee celebrities
Rob Zombie, Hugh Jackman, and Other Celebrities Who Have Coffee Companies

From beauty products to cocktail lounges to unconventional stripper poles and wig lines, celebrities...

Spanish coffee
The History of Spanish Coffee: How a Fiery Cocktail Became a Sweet Spectacle

Adding alcohol to coffee is often enough to draw any connoisseur’s curiosity. But if you add fire to the equation, well, now you have their attention.

black coffee
Preferring Black Coffee Is Part of Your Genetic Makeup

How do you take your coffee? Cream? Sugar? It’s the signature question of gracious hosts, one-night ...

bean dip
Coffee-Infused Bean Dip: The Caffeinated Party Snack You Need in Your Life

With the big game just days away, the NFL season may be ending, but dip season is in full swing. Whe...

Chai coffee
Chai: How a Sweet, Spicy Indian Staple Spread to Cafes All Over the World

Coffee pairs well with a lot of things: chocolate, pastries, bacon, adventure. But there is one partner in particular that has a long, delicious history with our favorite caffeinated beverage: chai.

Albanian Cold War bunkers
Coffee, Art, Capitalism — How Albania Is Repurposing Cold War Bunkers

Communism sucks no matter where it’s implemented, but few places suffered harder under communism tha...

Consecrated Coffee: A Look at Various Religions’ Relationship With Coffee

Various religions and spiritual practices have incorporated food and drink into their rituals throug...

Cappuccino: How the World Got Sweet on a Creamy Concoction From the 17th Century

The friars of St. Francis of Assisi were just not as pious as they could have been in 1525 in the eyes of Matteo Bassi.

A Brief History of Coffee Culture in the US and the Waves That Defined It

Since coffee was discovered in Africa hundreds of years ago, society has grown with and around the s...

smell of coffee
Research Shows Just the Smell of Coffee Can Improve Performance

For many coffee enthusiasts, few things in life are better than popping open a bag of good coffee an...

Pope Clement VIII
‘Satan’s Drink’: Before Christians Would Drink It, Coffee Had to Find Jesus

Before it was fully embraced by European Christians in the 17th century, coffee had a long and conte...

pumpkin spice latte
The Bitter Barista’s Pumpkin Spice Latte

Fall is upon us, and you know what that means. Every yoga-pants-wearing basic bitch is about to freq...

Inside the Elegant Science of Brewing the Perfect French Press

The French press. Every coffee aficionado has one, but whether it’s kept handy or left to collect dust in a graveyard of abandoned coffee baubles is the real question.

2022 Coffee Resolution
Ring in the New Year With These Coffee-Related Resolutions

As 2021 approaches its end, we find ourselves in a familiar place — reflecting on all we’ve achieved...

Avocado Coffee
Could Avocado Coffee Be the Next Big Thing for Health Enthusiasts?

It’s no secret that coffee is best savored in the morning, but as anyone on a high-fat diet can tell...

Nicaragua Coffee
Nicaragua Coffee: How the Central American Nation Became a Top Producer

Coffee bags are often stamped with an endless barrage of terminology: organic, shade-grown, fair-tra...

christmas coffee gift
10 Holiday Gift Ideas for the Coffee Lovers in Your Life

Watching holiday movies and spending time with loved ones makes the holiday season a magical time of...

coffee rationing
Coffee Rationing Began on This Day 79 Years Ago — And It Might Have Won World War II

On Nov. 29, 1942, the United States implemented coffee rationing, limiting households to the equivalent of one cup per day.

The Best Coffee Cocktails You’ll Be Grateful for This Thanksgiving

The holiday season is upon us yet again, and whether you’re excited by this magical time of year, or...

Yunnan province
Yunnan Coffee: Are These Sweet Chinese Beans the Next Big Thing?

When one is asked to consider coffee-producing nations, China may never cross the average person’s m...

Costa Rican coffee farm
Costa Rican Coffee-Farm Tourism in a Post-Pandemic World

“You want taxi, my friend?” I immediately sensed a subtle but deliberate sense of urgency in the dri...

perfect pour over coffee
Perfecting the Pour Over: Coffee + Water. Easy, Right? Well …

Raul Rodas is a world barista champion, a four-time Guatemala national champion, a buyer and quality...

Matt Brown
11 Questions & A Cup of Coffee: UFC Welterweight Fighter Matt ‘The Immortal’ Brown

When it comes to delivering exciting fights, the UFC’s 170-pound welterweight division has remained ...

Curtis Genesis
New Automated Coffee Machine Delivers Single-Serve Coffee at Its Freshest

In early October, commercial coffee industry leader Wilbur Curtis Co. announced the debut of its Genesis Bean to Cup Coffee Machine.

Specialty Coffee
What Is Specialty Coffee? An Updated Definition of the Most Desirable Brews

When you hear the term “specialty coffee,” what comes to mind? While many coffee consumers may think...

Coffee Subscriptions
A Costa Rican Journey To Explore the Roots of a Favorite Roast

It’s easy to see why coffee subscriptions have become so popular in the United States. Adding a subs...

Kentucky Coffee
Coffee-Flavored Whiskey? Kentucky Coffee Embodies the Cowboy Coffee Spirit

This week, a new coffee-flavored whiskey debuted in select US markets, paying tribute to America’s a...

Mt. Rainier
Mount Rainier Invites Coffee Enthusiasts To Experience Brews Around the Mountain

Mt. Rainier Tourism and Sports has put together a proposal for your fall travel: Trail of Trails, a ...

NCA National Coffee Association, National Coffee Data Trends report
NCA Reports Young Americans Are Headed Back to Coffee Shops in Record Numbers

Since 1950, the National Coffee Association has commissioned an annual survey of coffee consumption ...

Atomo Debuts Molecular, Ready-To-Drink Cold Brew

This month, Atomo Coffee made history as the first coffee company to debut two “molecular,” ready-to...

Pilot National Coffee Day
Pilot Flying J Offers Free Cups of Joe for National Coffee Day

To celebrate National Coffee Day this Wednesday, Pilot Flying J, the largest network of travel cente...

The Bodum French Press Takes the Guesswork Out of Specialty Coffee Flavor

If you’re ready to make that jump to specialty coffee brewing, adding a French press to your home ki...

Gabby Thomas
2-Time Olympic Medalist Gabby Thomas Joins Super Coffee Brand

This week, Super Coffee, one of the biggest bottled coffee brands in the US, announced two-time Olym...

Lab Coats and Bioreactors: Is This the Answer to Sustainable Coffee Production?

When frost hit many of Brazil’s major coffee-growing regions in July 2021, coffee prices on the comm...

Lucca Espresso Launches the World’s 1st Smart Coffee Grinder

We are always on the hunt for coffee bean grinders to tackle any brewing situation. But when it come...

Did Spilled Coffee Almost Short-Circuit an Apollo Moon Mission?

As the world’s first all-civilian mission orbits Earth this week, it’s hard not to stop and think ab...

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