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dear jack
Dear Jack: I've Picked Up Bad Habits in the Military

In this installment of “Dear Jack,” Marine veteran and amateur life coach Jack Mandaville helps a service member find new, healthier hobbies.

dear jack mandaville
Dear Jack: I'm Stationed In Korea

In this installment of “Dear Jack,” Marine veteran and amateur life coach Jack Mandaville helps a soldier stationed in Korea deal with suspicious behavior back home.

dear jack mandaville
Dear Jack: I'm Retiring From The Military — Help!

In this installment of “Dear Jack,” Marine veteran Jack Mandaville helps a career service member figure out life after retirement.

dear jack mandaville
Dear Jack: CIF Keeps Rejecting My Gear

In this installment of “Dear Jack,” Marine veteran Jack Mandaville explains why the CIF guy keeps rejecting your "dirty" equipment.

dear jack military branches
Dear Jack: Which Military Branch Should I Join?

In this installment of “Dear Jack,” Marine veteran Jack Mandaville explains how to select the best military branch to join.

Demonic eyes, hellcat
Hellcat: A Burning House, Four Firefighters, and One Murderous Feline

Stryker_Inner_Page_2, combat shitting
The Art of Precision Combat Shitting on the Mean Streets of Baghdad

When you're in the middle of a mission and stuck at the vehicle drop-off point needing to take a massive dump, you get creative.

barroom hero
Barroom Hero: 5 Army Career Fields That Make Excellent Brawlers

Some Army MOS fields create tougher soldiers than others. If you’re about to get into a fight and need backup, give one of these soldiers a call.

Coffee Or Die Photo
No, Tom Brady Did Not Compare Football to War, and Stop Writing Bullsh*t Stories To Piss Off Vets

The media at large is accusing Tom Brady of comparing football to war, but he didn’t. So why do you believe it?

‘I Think He Can See in the Dark’: New Recruit Scares Drill Sergeant Literally Sh*tless

An Army drill sergeant’s attempts to placate a menacing recruit cost him his career — and a pair of pants.

Coffee Or Die Photo
‘I Grabbed the Wrong Box’: Chemical Specialist Makes Critical Error at Unit Color Run

An Army chemical specialist accidentally made his unit's color run a little spicy — and the consequences were catastrophic.

Minivan Rocket
Butt-Pucker Factor 10/10: Ukrainian Minivan Narrowly Dodges Russian Guided Missile

The scene depicted of a Russian rocket missing a Ukrainian minivan in this Twitter video is easily in the running for the most butt-puckering moment of 2022.

The Subtle Art of Choking Someone the F*ck Out

Don’t choke under pressure! Know the ins and outs of this classic MMA technique.

Island Boys.jpg
Why This Is the Worst US Army Recruiting Ad in American History

This will make you want to Be All You Can Be far away from the Army.

Coffee Or Die Photo
10 Good Responses Medics Can Use When Asked ‘What’s the Worst Thing You’ve Ever Seen?’

Here are 10 great alternatives to letting your head explode whenever someone casually asks you to recall your darkest memories.

Coffee Or Die Photo
Dear Jack: Why Do You Do It?

In this installment of “Dear Jack,” Marine veteran Jack Mandaville explains why people don't understand service members.

Coffee Or Die Photo
Pepper Spray or the Gas Chamber: Which Is Worse?

CS gas and pepper spray have both proved to be very effective in using pain to make people comply, but is one more painful than the other?

Coffee Or Die Photo
Local Hipster Immediately Better Than You After Watching Documentary on Obscure International Issue

Local hipster Tobi Flanders says you don't understand the black-market goldfish trade, and that's why he's better than you.

Coffee Or Die Photo
A Boot Marine, a Gal Named Priscilla, and the Most Miserable Place on Earth

Legend has it that when boot Marines leave Camp Horno to train in the field, the Horno Cloud follows, bringing rain, misery, hate, and discontent with it.

Coffee Or Die Photo
How I Spent 3 Years Wrangling Zombies and Drug Addicts in South Carolina

If you go more than half a mile north or south of Main Street in downtown Spartanburg, South Carolin...

Coffee Or Die Photo
Department of Veterans Affairs Adopts Talking Burn Pit as Its Official Mascot

Meet Blaze, the new official mascot of the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Coffee Or Die Photo
5 Telltale Signs That Your New Private Is a Dumbass

5 Telltale Signs That Your New Private Is a Dumbass

Pentagon Betting Big on Balloons for National Defense

Way back in the day, when I was significantly less hairy and still capable of running a mile at a se...

Coffee Or Die Photo
Dear Jack: Should I Confront the Stolen Valor Guy at the Mall?

Dear Jack, I’m pretty sure I just saw a stolen valor guy at the mall. Should I go back and confront ...

dear jack exotic dancer
Dear Jack: I Think an Exotic Dancer Likes Me — Should I Marry Her?

Dear Jack, I’m at a strip club right now, and I think the dancer likes me. What should I do?  Thanks...

piss bag
Piss Bag: A Tale of Pride and Bladders

“Someone always falls out. Don’t be that fucking guy.

Top 5 Ways To Have Fun During a Zombie Apocalypse

Survivalism is a popular topic these days. Come to think of it — all days, really.

Special Operations Good Boy
Special Operations K9 Recounts Downward Spiral in Memoir ‘A Good Boy No More’

Often considered the last true quiet professionals of the United States military, special operations...

dear jack ambush
Dear Jack: Help — My Platoon’s in the Middle of an Ambush!

Dear Jack, My platoon is literally in the middle of an L-shaped ambush as I write this. We are running low on ammo and can’t get air support.

dear jack
Dear Jack: I’m Getting Out of the Military Soon. How Do I Be a Good Veteran?

Dear Jack, I’m a few weeks away from separating from the military after eight years of service. Do y...

‘Where the F*ck Are the Strippers?’ Wonders World War II Vet Aboard Cruise

HONOLULU — World War II veteran and ruthless card shark Walter McArthur could not believe his ears w...

Service thank you
You’ve Just Been Thanked for Your Service — Now What?

Hey Battle Buddy, Did a civilian just thank you for your service? That’s a damn shame, and I’m sorry...

NASA evidence of aliens
NASA Says It Still Hasn’t Found Evidence of Aliens, so What the F*** Do These Guys Do All Day?

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration announced Thursday that it is assembling a special...

Taliban motor pool
Watch: The Taliban Clearly Don’t Have Motor Pool Mondays

Last August the United States told Afghanistan that it was just heading to the store to pick up a pa...

Memorial Day Sales
Don’t Forget To Celebrate Big Discounts This Memorial Day!

It’s that time of the year again, my friends. It’s Memorial Day weekend.

Special Forces Weapons Sergeant
Special Forces Weapons Sergeant Insists He’s Not the Dumbest Guy on the Team

Commonly referred to as the Forrest Gumps of the ODA, Special Forces weapons sergeants (18 Bravos) a...

Space Force
Space Force Special Operations Rocked by Allegations of Misconduct

The Space Force special operations community is reeling from allegations of misconduct Tuesday morni...

The 5 Greatest Mustaches in Military History

The United States Air Force is slated to permit airmen an extra quarter inch of facial hair on eithe...

Marines Marijuana
WATCH: Marines Burn a Field of Marijuana With Flamethrowers

A video recently posted to the popular news aggregation site Reddit shows a group of Marines laying ...

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