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ukraine lessons learned
Nolan Peterson: Lessons From Russia's Invasion of Ukraine

After living in and reporting from Ukraine the last nine years, conflict journalist Nolan Peterson h...

Green Zone North 2
Hunting Season: What I Learned From Witnessing a Sniper’s Head Shot

Twelve years ago, I saw one of my fellow Marines survive a sniper’s bullet to the head. I’m realizing now that I was fortunate to have been there to witness it.

Coffee Or Die Photo
Listening for Life: The Importance of a Paramedic's Stethoscope

This paramedic's stethoscope was an extension of his ears through the nearly five years he spent on ...

chasing the dragon
Chasing the Dragon: A Combat Veteran’s Search for Healing in Central America

How a one-way ticket to Costa Rica and a panic attack forced a Marine sniper to stop chasing the dragon and start facing it.

Coffee Or Die Photo
End of an Era: Farewell to the Legendary Crown Victoria Police Interceptor

The Crown Victoria Police Interceptor is quickly becoming a thing of the past. As the last remaining...

Farewell from the editor
A Farewell Letter From Coffee or Die’s Executive Editor

The man who built this magazine from the ground up is saying farewell, but our mission here remains the same.

Coffee Or Die Photo
Volunteering in Ukraine: The Right Thing Isn’t Always Easy — or Obvious

For years, my brothers and I had been trained to take lives in the most violent ways possible; now, I was using my experience to try and save lives.

Coffee Or Die Photo
Chasing the Lame Buffalo: From Hunting Men to Hunting Game

Coffee Or Die Photo
Why ‘Catch-22’ Is the Closest Thing to the Truth About War

Mileage may vary when it comes to Joseph Heller’s Catch‑22, but I rarely find a fellow service member who’s read the book who doesn’t at least find the material recognizable in their own experiences.

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