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Review: Garmin’s Instinct Tactical is Fit for the Wild

When people think of Garmin, they generally think of the first GPS unit they had for their vehicle. ...

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Backcountry Water Sterilization: 4 Methods for Drinking Clean Water While Off the Grid

When it comes to going off the grid, whether it’s backpacking, hunting, or fishing, water is a basic need. One can survive for weeks without food but only days without water.

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Targets to Take Your Firearms Training to the Next Level

What do you take to the shooting range? The most thought generally goes into firearm and ammunition ...

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Coffee or Die’s Very Unbiased 2019 Holiday Gift Guide

We don’t mean to alarm you, but Christmas is right around the corner. We know many of you are out there defending our freedoms on the streets of U.

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Review: The Tyto 1.1 is a Knife Every Outdoorsman Should Own

Hunters across the United States head into the wilderness each autumn in search of various game. Asi...

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Review: Stay Warm with Eberlestock’s -22 Degree Euro Down Sleeping Bag

Looking up through the spruce trees, I could see the stars, bright and sharp overhead. A cold breeze blew all night, and the day had been cold enough to half-freeze my water bottle while I hiked.

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Sitka’s Fanatic Jacket and Bib: The Ultimate Cold Weather Whitetail Hunting Outlayer System

While there’s a certain segment of the population who views the dropping temperatures and falling le...

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Kifaru Slick Bag: A Zero-Degree Sleeping Bag Made for the Wilderness

The chief debate among people searching for a cold-weather sleeping bag is the choice between down and synthetic fill. As a rule, down fill is lighter and more compressible than synthetic fill.

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Review: Here’s What I Learned After Living in Kifaru’s SuperTarp for Two Weeks

When preparing to go elk hunting in Colorado this year, I knew I wanted a floorless shelter, and Kifaru International’s SuperTarp was on the top of my list. For two weeks, it would be my home.

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